Review: THE CLEFT by Doris Lessing

Women and Children First

by Geraldine Bedell for Guardian Unlimited Books (Jan. 7, 2007)

“Doris Lessing has always been a novelist enthralled as much by ideas as people and, in her latest book, she more or less does away with people altogether. To be strictly accurate, her latest book is set among a race of pre-people, as they emerge fumblingly into what we might think of as people-hood.”

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Review: T.S Eliot by Craig Raine

All at sea in The Waste Land

by Tom Pauline for Guardian Unlimited Books (Jan. 7, 2007)

“There is a type of critical anxiety which lurches from blurred close readings of individual texts to citations of authors from the literary canon who seem to be saying something similar. But Craig Raine’s new study of TS Eliot aims to be more than a series of myopic readings.”

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Review: BEATRIX POTTER by Linda Lear

The Original Green Goddess

by Robert McCrum for Guardian Unlimited Books (Jan. 7, 2007)

“One hundred years after The Tale of Peter Rabbit was the word-of-mouth sensation of Edwardian publishing, its author’s tale is again making headlines. The story of the exacting, upper-middle-class spinster from Kensington and her reluctant acquisition by the Bloomsbury firm of F Warne & Co became book-trade folklore many years ago.”

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Article: In With The New…

In With The New

by Robert McCrum and Hephzibah Anderson for Guardian Unlimited Books (Dec. 31, 2006)

An extraordinary number of the novels coming our way in 2007 deal with war. As for non-fiction, the war in question is between weighty biographies and skimpy celebrities. So choose now between sex with Davina and 16th-century feminism with Germaine …”

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Short Story: The Festival of The Immortals

The Festival of the Immortals

by Helen Simpson for Guardian Unlimited Books (Dec. 23, 2006)

“The Daniel Defoe event had just been cancelled, and as a consequence of this the queue for the tea tent was stretching half way round the meadow. Towards the back, shivering slightly this damp October morning, were two women who looked to be somewhere in the early November of their lives.”

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Short Story: THE LAST SNOWFALL by Nicholas Blincoe

The Last Snowfall

by Nicholas Blincoe for Guardian Unlimited Books (Dec. 27, 2006)

In this original short story by Nicholas Blincoe, the body of a woman is found – and then lost – in the snow in an isolated Alaskan community. Can you solve our wintry whodunnit? A link to the answer is at the end of the article.

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Interview: Robert Hughes

Critical Overload

by Rachel Cooke for Guardian Unlimited Books (Dec. 24, 2006)

“Robert Hughes lives above a shop that sells very expensive handbags in SoHo, New York. I am quite familiar with these handbags and their price-tags by now, because I’ve been killing time here for a while. I arrived for our date – lunch! in his loft! – too early. Why? Nervous anticipation just drove me on.”

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List: Hidden Delights You May Have Missed…

Guardian Unlimited Books picks some of the lesser celebrated books of 2006.

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Review: CREATURES OF THE EARTH by John McGahern

Approaching The Silence

by  Joseph O’ Connor for Guardian Unlimited Books (Dec. 23, 2006)

“John McGahern’s Collected Stories was published in 1992, becoming a classic of the genre and, in his native Ireland, a bestseller. It offered itself as an assembly of “all John McGahern’s short fiction, fully revised, in a definitive text”. But the statement of finality proved premature.”

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Blog: Underrated or Overrated?

Underrated of Overrated? Readers Decide

by John Harris for Guardian Unlimited Books/Blogs (Dec. 19, 2006)

“A Prospect survey pits this year’s overpraised books – from The Blunkett Tapes to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – against hidden gems. But do you agree?”

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