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Has advanced since the last time I’d checked. First of all, the book search is divided into two: Full view and limited preview. The former needs no explanation and the latter gives you a chance to leaf through a book before you consider buying or borrowing it from your public library.  I had initially thought ‘Limited Preview’ meant full access to a book (how naive). Google simply skips pages throughout the book with this option.

The summary page is great for both options and the recommendations list is just as well. Sometimes a book is made available to download besides full access online. There are single, double, or full screen viewing options to suit your taste.

A few other features that make researching books a breeze are:

  1. Search in this book
  2. Keyword tags
  3. Find Libraries
  4. Write reviews

I’ve googled Tagore with the ‘Full View’ option checked which brought me to his book, FRUIT GATHERING. I’ve basically done a general search, but you can specify yours by clicking the ‘Advanced Book Search’ link. Then, I typed in Plato and wanted to search with the title ‘The Apology’. I got a few results, but wanted to select one that had a downloadable option available. The first result had.

 Apology, Phaedo, and Crito of Plato (Read or Download)

That’s all good, but I wanted a little more. How about Plato on Socrates? I remembered author Paul Levinson’s [THE PLOT TO SAVE SOCRATES] recommendation of Benjamen Jowett’s translations and voila, Google has such a book listed on their ‘Related Books’ section below. This book, however, is available as ‘Limited Preview.’ Works just fine for me.


Upon further searching I was able to find a full view, and much older, copy of the same title, however with a different translator.


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