Review: MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE by Rachel Corrie


by Cynthia Ozick for The New Republic Online (Dec. 7, 2006)

rachelcorrie.jpeg“On Justice Brandeis’s celebrated principle that “the remedy [for free speech] is more speech,” it is good and salubrious that My Name Is Rachel Corrie can finally be seen on a New York stage. Last year, when the play was turned away by the New York Theater Workshop apparently because of objections from donors offended by its agitprop banalities, there sprang up, amid the foolish cries of “censorship” (as if the Constitution were being subverted), a newborn legend. The longer the play was absent from local scrutiny, the more romantically its faraway halo might glow: a visionary young woman on the barricades, part heroic Joan of Arc, part victimized Anne Frank, mercilessly cut down in the very act of defying brute injustice.”

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