Review: MAO’S LAST REVOLUTION by Roderick Macfarquhar

The Bloody Enigma

by Andre J. Nathan for The New Republic Online (Nov. 30, 2006)

imagedb.jpg“This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the start of China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. According to a later Chinese Communist Party official, one hundred million people were killed, driven to suicide, beaten, convicted in “unjust, false, and erroneous cases,” “sent down,” or otherwise affected by what Chinese now call the “ten-year catastrophe.” Yet the anniversary was greeted by silence in China and abroad. At home, people are not allowed to commemorate Mao’s horrors, because the current leaders sustain their regime through the same internal secrecy and arbitrary repression that made the Cultural Revolution possible. Abroad, people think that China has changed so much that its old tragedies are no longer relevant. Besides, it is not polite to remind our trading partners of events that they wish to forget.”

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