Blog: Want to get rich quick? Don’t try writing

Want To Get Rich Quick? Don’t Try Writing
by Jenny Diski for Guardian Unlimited’s The Blog Books

“My father used to sit deep in his armchair, and get a far away look in his eyes, once he’d given up on seducing divorcees and widows and taking their money. “I ought to write my memoirs. There’s nothing Errol Flynn did that I haven’t done.” The dream of the book that could be written seems to be pretty universal. Mostly, when they’re dreaming, the book becomes what everyone calls a bestseller. I suppose that means it sells millions and makes millions for the author, who becomes famous, which means going on TV (Richard and Judy, or Oprah in the US) and exotic travel and probably meeting the film stars who will play the characters from the book in the movie – which means getting richer, being on more TV … “

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